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Supplemental Housing

What is supplemental housing?

As more students are admitted to Penn State, the demand for on-campus housing increases. Once all regular housing spaces are filled, students will be assigned to supplemental housing space. Use of supplemental space allows Housing and Food Services to accommodate as many students as possible. Some students choose not to return to Penn State either before or shortly after the semester begins. As these cancellations occur, students assigned to supplemental housing can then be moved to regular housing space.

Students assigned to supplemental housing at Brandywine are assigned either to a triple or a room with a Resident Assistant (RA) and receive the same amenities as all regular housing spaces - a bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe or closet, desk, and refrigerator/microwave unit (shared amongst roommates).

Moving to regular housing space

The amount of time that a student spends assigned to supplemental housing varies. Depending upon when regular housing space becomes available, students will be moved from supplemental housing in the date-order that the Housing Contract was accepted. When regular housing space becomes available, students will be notified in plenty of time to prepare to move.

Supplemental Housing Room Rate

During the time that a student is assigned to supplemental housing, the room rate will be reduced. Once the student is moved to regular housing space, the room rate will be prorated at the new room rate.